Lead Role: Alexandre, a student and waiter, abandons his dreams of acting until his friend Thomas’ play rekindles his passion. The taste for risk returns to him, but will he take enough of it to reveal the unspoken?
Director / Production: Michaël Moscatelli – NYMPHEA PRODUCTIONS

“The Instant’s Passion”: A Milestone in His Career: The pinnacle of his journey in 2023 is his leading role in the feature film “The Passion of the Instant.” Directed by Michaël Moscatelli of NYMPHEA PRODUCTIONS, this drama allowed William to delve into a complex and emotionally charged character. However, this film represents more than just a performance. It was illuminated by cinematographer Gorgio Tonti, who also worked as the director of photography for the legendary Orson Welles.

This experience was not only an exceptional collaboration opportunity for William but also an invaluable lesson in the art of filmmaking as an observer.


Gorgio Tonti

Light meter of Gorgio TONTI director of photography


Gorgio TONTI director of photography on the set of the movie